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IL PROFVMO reinvented high-end perfumery and transformed the way perfumes are worn, forever. With its complex compositions, allying unexpected associations and refined harmonics, IL PROFVMO provides unique and authentic sensorial expression for each type of skin. The fragrances are inspired by the magic of nature and crafted by the expert hands of their creator, Silvana Casoli.

The subtle nuances of natural fragrances is revealed in IL PROFVMO's crystalline transparent bottles, also honoring Venetian savoir-faire. IL PROFVMO's graphics and packaging, clearly modern in spirit, leave no doubt as to their inspiration. The deep Bordeaux packaging ornamented by gold patina reflects the codes dedicated to Haute Parfumerie and pays homage to the magic and mystery of Venice.

Each year, an exceptional Limited Edition, hand blown on the island of Murano, celebrates the brand's Italian roots and pays homage to works of art created in that most fascinating and inspiring of materials…glass, the medium of unbridled creativity and innumerable aesthetic plays on light.

Feel free to reach out to us at 81809488

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